Welcome to a somewhat late blog update on where the hell is Greg! I wrote at the end of last year about just how much my blogging and content creation work had increased yet I still hoped to manage regular blogs here! Sorry to say that turned out to be impossible. Plus, it was the Christmas period and I had my youngest son home from school for five weeks. So my need to balance work and family time is a new experience for me in this stage of my life. 

To say I have been busy with work is an understatement as I have three different writing gigs on the go. During December and January, the output required by Shotkit.com increased considerably as they kick off 2020 with new projects and new directions for their site. A key part of that is me writing longer-form articles which is challenging but incredibly rewarding. The flip side of so much writing work is that I have not been out much to do photography of any kind. Aside from the product photos I take for the reviews I write, my time for pleasure photography has been seriously depleted.

In January and February, I made two attempts to get together with my friends in the Fujifilm X Aus community and on both of those occasions Melbourne had disgusting weather that meant we had to stay indoors in a pub! Poor us I hear you cry. Yes, being stuck in a pub with a bunch of camera nerds is actually my ideal social setting. And it was great as on both occasions we had members joining us from other states within Australia.

One of those was my amazing friend Gus who travelled from Perth for our Fuji X Aus Administrator meet up. The Friday before the meetup, Gus and I spent the day catching up with friends we have in common and of course some amazing Melbourne food. We started off with breakfast in Windsor, then Sushi Train for lunch in Prahran followed swiftly by cold drinks in South Yarra and then dinner at a wine bar in Collingwood. And that was just Friday. But it was such an amazing day and because it was hot we just went from air-conditioned comfort to air-conditioned comfort.

One of the products I am currently reviewing is the Fujifilm X-Pro 3. This is a brand new street photography camera from Fujifilm and I have to say…I am in love! This is such an incredible camera with the latest and greatest design and tech from Fujifilm. Last weekend I had the chance to take it out with a few of my friends from the Fuji X Aus group. Again, we started with drinks at the Transport Hotel (hmm, a bit of a pattern forming there!) and then went on a street-walk through Melbourne. We finished up for dinner in Hardware Lane at a seafood restaurant for another incredible meal. They are such amazing people and I am blessed to have them in my life.

Fortunately, I was able to grab some appealing street shots with this new camera and the only shame is that I have to send it back to Fujifilm soon. Aside from work and my social activities, life has been pretty damn good. I have a solid purpose and am gradually forming my routine in my new life as a full-time writer working from home. My children are all in good health and we are soon to celebrate the 9th Birthday of my youngest boy. That makes me feel a little old. But as I said, life has been good if not great especially as I am able to tick items off a to-do list that is very old now. Sadly, no trip to Japan this year, but that is ok. I can wait.