Welcome to my site. I am a Melbourne based photographer and blogger with a keen love of street photography and travel photography. But it doesn’t stop there. I love to photograph everything. Portraits, products, architecture, landscape and everything else. I am a father to three children, three cats and a labradoodle.  I have lived in Melbourne, Australia my entire life and love it for being such an incredibly vibrant and culturally rich city. My passion for photography is very closely linked to the city I live in and love. I like nothing more than to roam Melbourne’s streets and laneways, coffee strips and public spaces with my camera in hand capturing the daily interactions of people within their world.

I love to travel and make an annual pilgrimage to Japan each year purely to use my camera to document such an amazing and dynamic culture and country. I really enjoy the expressive freedom that blogging has given me in understanding my world, my experiences and how my photography develops and progresses. I am an active member of the Fujifilm X-Series photography community in Australia and also shoot portrait, events, pets and families. Hope you enjoy my site and drop me a line if you have any questions.

All images appearing in my blogs and galleries are shot with Fujifilm cameras and lenses.