Here we are! At the end of 2019. What an incredible year it has been here at the Cromie HQ. Such a year for growth and opportunity. If at the start of this year you had told me all that would be achieved I would have slammed the door and probably gone back to bed. But here we are. I won’t go into the details again as I have already covered that in my last blog which you can check out here. Today I am doing a little review of my year as a photographer.

Initially, I thought that this year was more about getting my content creation and writing work in order more than photography. I felt that I had actually not done that much photography at all. Fortunately, when I looked back over my catalogue of images from 2019 I was surprised. Memories flooded back of street walks I had taken part in, the group meets ups I had organised, my trip to Tokyo, my friend’s wedding and much more. We often forget the little things that take place but fortunately as a photographer, I get to document most of them.

In the collection below you find a mix of all of those things that took place during my 2019. Some are not necessarily great photos, but to me, they have meaning and value. And perhaps if nothing else, they drive an emotional response in me and remind me more about my year and my place within my community. So please enjoy my photography year in review for 2019. But before I go, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2020. Smile always, laugh uncontrollably and tell the people that matter that you love them. Enjoy.