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Tokyo 2017 – I’m back so now what?

I returned from my trip to Tokyo a couple of days ago now.  Spent the weekend both recuperating as well as celebrating my son’s 19th birthday.  Recuperating from six solid days of walking and exploring and photographing Tokyo.  Day and night – I slept very little. Add to that a couple of flights with very…

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Updated Travel Kit – Tokyo 2017

Before I make a start on this blog it is important to say that yes, I know, I have already written about my travel plans for Tokyo 2017.  And that yes, I made a firm decision that I would travel light and only take my Fujifilm X70. And I was resolved to stick to that…

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Chasing Light on the Streets – Melbourne

Circumstances have meant that for the most part my street photography sessions take place during the day. Why?  Well I have children and so I fit in street photography sessions during school hours on week days and when I can get family to be with my youngest during the weekend.  And that is great for…

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