A few weeks back I was out and about with my camera gear in the car as I really wanted to test out some of the loan gear that I was yet to review. Also a good idea to get shots with the actual gear under review to show its performance. But I was feeling a little lost as to where to go so I called up a friend and she suggested we just drive and find somewhere. At first we headed out from Elwood and found ourselves in Brighton and Sandringham. It was a sunny day but cold winds were robbing us of that warmth. Uninspried we decided to head to the complete other side of the bay.

We made our way to Williamstown. Williamstown is an old sea side town in Melbourne that has incredible history and character. What’s more, it is only a few minutes from the city via freeway. Williamstown’s settlement history dates back to 1835 and driving around you can see evidence of that kind of history in some of the buildings. A lot of the houses are old and timber and sit on beautiful blocks. All the roads are wide and the main strip that faces the bay is full of cafe’s and shops.

And there just seemed to be an abundance of fish and chip shops! We arrived around lunch time and didn’t have a lot of time but we managed to grab a chicken parmie at good old fashioned pub. The rest of the time we spent walking the streets and the dock along the edge of the bay where there were lots of tour boats. Stationed there is the H.M.A.S Castelmaine, a World War 2 naval ship that has been restored by volunteers over 40 years. It sits alongside Gem Pier.

And that is just one of over a dozen historical sites and museums available to the public throughout Williamstown. Great for a day of sightseeing along the bay and excellent for photography. I was testing out the Fujifilm XF55-200mmF3.5-48 zoom attached to the Fujifilm X-T3. I was really surprised by the reach of this zoom and was equally impressed with the quality of the images it produced. I will be releasing a full review on ShotKit.com soon so stay tuned for that.

Williamstown is a great location and it is one that I intend to return to when I have more time to explore it. I recommend you head down there if you are in Melbourne and want to see a different side to the bay.