First and foremost I wanted to apologise for the big gap in my writing on this site. I have been really busy with getting used to my new writing job over at It has been an amazing opportunity to do exactly what I love to do, write and talk about photography, whilst being paid for my time. I have a lot of flexibility with the type of products I can review and am able to suggest as many ideas as I like. The feedback I have received from has been fantastic and given me an overall boost in confidence to keep doing what I am doing. As a result, I have been busy.

I have also been pretty busy getting out and about actually taking photos. And that has been so great for me creatively speaking. I have had a few catch ups with my community over at FujiXAus including street walks and dinners. I have been out getting shots with the cameras and lenses that I have had on loan from As part of my review process I have to include photos taken with the gear and then photos of the gear. I love having to come up with new and interesting subjects to shoot. Overall, life has been great.

In late September I organised our first fair weather meet up for the Melbourne guys from FujiXAus. I announced the event in Facebook Events and we had a good turn out. I think about 12 people showed up and some were new members at their first meet. Always great to meet new photographers and of course catch up with old friends.

It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon if not a little chilly. But that golden light was still hanging in there as we set off. We started our walk at Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne and made our way across Princes Bridge and down to the south bank of the river and the Alexandra Gardens. We crossed under Princes Bridge and walked past Hamer Hall and along South Bank up to the Evan Walker Bridge. Once on the north bank of the Yarra River, we ducked under Flinders Street Station via the subway.

We emerged on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Flinders Street to find that the light was fading fast. It was around 6pm but Daylight Savings would not start for nearly another month. We made our way accross Flinders Street and up through Degraves Street and Centre Place. We made our way via Collins Street and then up Elizabeth St towards a Korean BBQ restaurant that we often go to.

We finished our night at the restaurant with lots of amazing BBQ’d meat and far too much Korean Soju which is like a rice wine similar to Sake but a far sweeter drink. It was shame the afternoon grew so dark so quick but we made the most of the time we had and to be honest, it is more of a social event and than a strict photography event. On this occassion, all images were shot with the Fujifilm X-T3, the XF16mmF2.8 and the XF8-16mmF2.8. Happy shooting.