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Tokyo 2019 – Monochrome Gallery – Asakusa

Whenever I return from a journey such as a trip to Japan, I generally edit my images in colour. Given that I shoot solely with Fujifilm X Series gear, I tend to use a variant of the Fujifilm Film Simulations. I always edit my images in Lightroom and that allows for me to tweak and preserve the Classic Chrome Fujifilm standard to my own which I call Tokyo Chrome. I do the same with any images that I later choose to edit in black and white I use the Fujifilm Film Simulation called Accros, and then tweak and preserve that as a preset. This I call Tokyo Monochrome. These amended presets allow me to give a consistent colour or tonal effect to each image. With this gallery, all images have the Tokyo Monochrome preset added to them. In this gallery, you will have images from Asakusa. All were shot on either the Fujifilm X-T3 with the Fujifilm XF23mmF2 or the Fujifilm X70.


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