I have written many times in the past about the never-ending pursuit we photographers face in finding the perfect camera bag. I have fallen victim to this very condition and seem to never be fully satisfied with the camera bags I have owned and used. And I have owned some great bags. I have always been a fan of the Crumpler range of bags over the more common camera bag brands such as Manfrotto and Lowepro. For me, a camera bag that looks too much like a camera bag makes no sense. Especially when travelling or out at night. Why advertise that you are likely to be carrying thousands of dollars worth of camera gear. No thanks.

Perfect for a street photographer set up

The other challenge that I face is that I use only the Fujifilm X Series of cameras and lenses. And with that comes the luxury of having smaller camera bodies and, based on your choices, much smaller lenses to carry. Now most camera bags are designed to fir the average camera and average lenses. And in some cases, that results in smaller cameras and lenses just rolling around in the bag. Still protected, but just not a snug fit at all. And if you just want to carry one camera body with one lens attached, then you are carrying around a half empty bag.

On my last trip to Tokyo I visited all of the big and small camera stores in the hope of finding a suitable street photography camera bag. One that would comfortably hold just my Fujifilm X70 plus the necessary day gear. I was sick of carrying a back pack by half way through my trip and opted to mostly just handhold my camera and have my passport, wallet and spare batteries in my pockets. Despite my searching the camera capital of the planet, I was still not able to find my perfect bag.

My NutSac in the wild

Then one night not so long ago I came across a YouTube channel where all the guy does is review bags. All sorts of bags. Satchels, backpacks, pouches and of course camera bags. It is a really good review site and the guys, Chase Reeves, is quite funny. You can check out his channel here! It was on his channel that he reviewed a bunch of bags from the company NutSac. You can watch that one here. They are all American made products Whilst his video did not review the NutSac Man-Bag, Dammit, it lead me to be interested in the brand and style of the bag. On their site, is where I found the NutSac Man-Bag, Dammit! the NutSac Man-Bag Dammit.

The leather handle is handy to grab and go. The main strap is fully adjustable

The NutSac Man-Bag Dammit is made from a water resistant waxed canvas, heavy cotton adjustable strap and all metal hardware. It also features full grain leather accents such as the small carry handle on the back, the zip pulls and the logo badge. I opted for the smallest bag they made with a full length carry strap. It is 25.4cm wide x 15.2cm high x 6.3cm deep and only weighs 280gm empty. The waxed canvas is not the greasy type and is incredibly rugged. The bag holds its shape empty or full. There is a front zipper compartment that easily holds an iPhone small or large. Inside the main compartment is large and easily holds my Fujifilm X70 camera, wallet and a small notebook. At the rear of the main compartment is a zippered pocket that I use to store my keys, spare batteries and SD cards.

The front pocket would comfortably hold a large phone

So whilst on the hunt for the perfect street photography camera bag, I found the perfect EDC (Every Day Carry) solution, that is not a camera bag, but I am going to use as a camera bag…This bag is perfect for carrying my daily necessities whilst having the stealth element of carrying my street photography camera. It is an incredibly durable bag and even with its lifetime guarantee, will last forever. Or at least until I feel that I need a more perfect bag! You can check out the NutSac range of bags here!

It truly is a NutSac!