Every now and then I will scroll through my massive collection of images from one of my past trips to Japan. And when I say massive I mean massive. All told I have taken over 16,000 images across three trips.  And as you have probably seen in my past blogs, I will often publish a small collection of B-Sides to this site.  My B-Sides are the images that I didn’t really notice as being worthy of the initial cut of photographs that I chose to put up in my gallery page on this site, print, include in a photo book or publish on any social media for that matter.  But the second time around – sometimes months and months later – I will take a stroll through my images and find some hidden gems.  So I will edit them and post them here for your viewing pleasure.




For the Tokyo 2017 B Sides click here. For Japan 2016 B Sides please click here.  And finally for the Tokyo 2015 B Sides then you can check those out here. And of course if you want to check out my more comprehensive galleries of my first pic images then please do so by clicking here! That’s enough shameless self promotion for now.




So during the week, this week, I was probably feeling a bit melancholy about a few things and found myself scrolling through my images from last year’s trip to Tokyo. And I started flagging some images that were quite dark when they were taken, or had a little shake in the image, or I just ignored it all together as it was surrounded by a bunch of much better images from the same scene. After flagging a few I realised that this was a C-Side collection I was pulling together. As I said, these are not the greatest of shots for a variety of reasons. But I like them and then tell a slightly different story about my time in Tokyo last year. It was actually this exact time last year that I flew to Tokyo. Sigh. Anyway, as usual, all images were shot with the Fujifilm X-T2 and the Fujifilm XF23mmF2. I hope you enjoy this collection of dirtier and grungier images.  Happy shooting.