One moment it was August and then next is is late November – what the hell just happened?

Welcome to readers new and old and thanks for reading my little life update and blog. Generally, I reserve this blog for writings about my travels, photography, creative pursuits and life updates. Given that it feels like I just time travelled several months, it’s probably time for a little update on me. Firstly, apologies to my regular readers for the huge gap in my content. If 2020 has taught me anything, is that life is unpredictable and there are distractions aplenty to take us away from the things that sooth our souls.

Let’s do a little recap on 2020 and how things have played out in my neck of the woods. The Coronavirus hit Australia just as it did every other developed country in the world. It crept up on us and took us by surprise. This in turn caused the government to enforce some pretty strict guidelines to manage the pandemic with the folks here in Melbourne subjected to compulsory lockdown, mask wearing and a bunch of other restrictions. I was quite happy with the way in which our government chose to react but there were plenty of others who were not so supportive. Demonstrations broke into violent conflicts and many spread conspiracy theories and the like. It really opened my eyes to how society reacts to being removed from their highly privileged comforts.

After months of lockdown and having my children home from school, the numbers of deaths and new cases dropped significantly. It had worked – despited what all the nay sayers were chanting. Victoria is coming up to 3 weeks of what they call double-donut days. Zero deaths and zero new cases – for three weeks now. I compare that to much of Europe and the USA where they are now recording 200,000 new cases a day! A day!!!! Here in Australia we are not out of the woods but for the most part we are a shining example of managing this thing. Let’s hope it stays that way long enough for a suitable long term solution to be developed. Enough about that.

Work for me has been super busy with equal doses of reward and challenge. I am still getting used to the new work-life that I have but am still able to work from home and be available for my family – that was my long time goal. Leigh (my business partner) and I have a nice mix of clients with a range of needs from the services we provide. And on that, it seems that what we do provide continues to evolve and expand into new territories. My work with Shotkit continues and I love the creative outlet this provides me. Although I have had to slow down my output for them as the business is busy.

An interesting and wonderful thing happened to me a few months ago. Just when I had convinced myself that I was content in living without a partner – I met a girl. Smack in the middle of a pandemic and lockdown and the world gone made – I went and fell in love. I found someone that is so incredibly kind, funny, supportive and full of love. What’s more, we suit each other perfectly – we have similar interests, lifestyles and desires for the future. I cannot tell you the relief I feel at having found someone to share my life with now that the kids are getting older. It is all so wonderful and lovely.

Aside from that, we are marching forward towards the end of the year and bringing a close to what has been one of the most tumultuous years our generation has seen. At this point in time, there is still no update on when international travel will be available to anywhere – let alone Japan. I miss my travels there and crave some time exploring my spiritual happy place with my camera in hand. Other than a few products shots, I have barely used my cameras this year. All going well, I will soon be organising a street meet for a small group of the Fuji X Aus community here in Melbourne. I am just waiting to see what the latest update is on easing restrictions.

That’s about all the big news I have to share with you at the moment readers. I am sure that your own lives and routines have been impacted in some way by the events of 2020. I think that is one of the only times I can recall where a global event as impacted everyone in such a similar way. Yet, we all have unique and personal stories of how the pandemic impacted our lives. At the end of the day, all we can hope for is that our loved ones are well and safe. Stay well yourselves and I look forward to updating you soon on some adventures outside of the house. G