I was recently reminded by WordPresss that it was my third anniversary as a writer creating content on my humble little site. I must say that the time has gone by rather fast and for the most part, I have loved using this platform to document my travels, my life journey, my love of photography and much, much more. So I wanted to take a little time to pay some homage to my blog site for where it has led me today.

As I have written about previously, I have been incredibly fortunate in my ability to not only write here, but also for my photographic community over at Fuji X Aus. I have written many articles for them, not featured on here, where I have interviewed many Australian Fujifilm photographers about their craft. I have completed product reviews and documented our get togethers such as events and streetwalks. I owe a great deal to that site and whilst my content has slowed down, I still have projects in the works.

Also, you will have recently read that I have undertaken some paid writing work as a content creator. I am now writing product reviews for ShotKit.com. ShotKit are a premium source of information for photographers and about photographers. They have been very generous with the volume of work I have been given. Further to this I have a ghost writing role with another organisation. I have just been sucessful in scoring a further ghost writing role providing long form articles on photographic knowledge, processes and advice.

It is this kind of education aspect that I love about writing. Just as I have enjoyed my many tutorial and advice like articles I have written about travelling to Japan. Being able to guide and inform people is a really positive way to handle online content and it is a writing style that I love.

So given that we are at the end of the year, and I have just past this three year milestone, I thought I would share with you dear readers some of the amazing numbers that my community have contributed to. In the three years I have written 186 posts that have been viewed 74,000 times. In terms of visitors to my site, I have had over 32,000 unique visitors from Tunisia and Nicaragua to Nepal and the Dominican Replublic. Amazing for me personally to consider that reach.

So the journey continues. I am just working through my new workloads and how I balance my paid work with my loyalty work to my community here and also to the Fuji X Aus group. I write for them out of love and respect for the greatest online community I have every encountered. My fellow admins there have been incredibly supportive of my journey. What’s more, is that I am amazed that by starting a personal blog three years ago I am now being paid to write about an industry that I am proud of and passionate about. I get to work my own hours, can work anywhere I have WiFi and still get to be here for my kids. Life dealt me a harsh blow many years ago. But, it has organically returned to me a new life and a means to make it work. Happy shooting. G