November 21, 2016. That was the date that I created this very Word Press site and wrote and published my very first blog. At the time, it was a test to see if I had the patience. If it was something that I could devote time and energy into. A platform for me to convey to others, things that I thought maybe worth sharing. 

That very first blog was, of course, about my lifelong ambition to travel to Japan. It talked about my love of Japanese culture and how that had led to this drive to go to Japan and absorb the very same culture. It spoke of the death of my wife and how that had changed ALL of life’s plans. And undoubtedly talked about how I wanted to explore Japan as a photographic project. I have provided countless articles on travel advice and been rewarded by the numerous people that referred to them in making their own travel plans. In closing, the blog revealed that earlier the previous year, I had taken a giant leap from my comfortable cave and booked a ticket for one to Tokyo. 

The following blogs were about that very trip and unpacked my travel adventures both in terms of meeting my bucket lists cultural experiences and in detailing my photographic journey. And from that day till today, I continued to write about not one, but four separate trips to Japan. I have expanded beyond that to talk about Japanese culture and how to experience that from right here at home. I have written about my love of Fujifilm cameras and my strong connection to the Fuji X Aus photographic community for which I am fortunate to be an admin. I have written about the many activities I have organised and participated in for that group. 

More and more, I have had the opportunity to review camera products and accessories. Including cameras and lenses that I have been fortunate enough to have received on loan from Fujifilm Australia. The building of that relationship has been so rewarding and allowed me to further support the Fuji X Aus community group. 

To say, blogging has been a labour of love would be a lie. As it has not been labour at all. When needed, I have taken breaks. And when needed, I have immersed myself in my writing to define my role and purpose. To document my life and experiences and journey. 

Today, I have over 300 followers to my site. They are hardcore fans. But since November 21, 2016, my humble little site has had over 28,000 visitors from the world over. I have written 168 blogs on my website alone, and that has attracted a staggering 67,000 views. Staggering to me anyway. Humbling too to know that someone is listening. 

I am so very humbled and grateful to those that have understood and supported my blog site. This little post was not to boast about the numbers or to remind everyone that I am here, but more to celebrate some recent personal success. In past months I have been able to move my blogging beyond a hobby service and into a paid writing position.  This has been two-fold. One role is as a contracted ghostwriter (articles are not published under my name) for an editor that represents a photographic services company. I am not going to divulge too many details about this role as that is the whole point of being a ghostwriter. But I get to flex my writing muscle to educate and influence. 

The second opportunity came only a few days ago when I applied to be a writer for the fantastic community and site at Shot Kit is a well-known site for everything about photographers and photography gear. Again this is a paid position and something that I am seriously stoked about. Already I have several product review articles completed with a large number of other reviews on the way. Shot Kit have been amazing and have allowed me to go with what I am passionate about – so, for now, I am mostly focusing on Fujifilm gear and accessories relative to that system. But the creative freedom is intoxicating.

Things are flowing well at the moment. From the research I have undertaken, one key to financial success as a blogger is to have several smaller revenue streams. I feel that I can tick that box for now and focus on refining my skills for the two entities I am writing for. Added to this are my personal blogging as well as my blogging for the Fuji X Aus community. 

Seems I have a lot to say! Thanks again for your support dear readers. Happy reading. 

Full credit to Darren Middleton for the mug shot.