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Melbourne 2018 – My Year of Street Photography

This gallery is arriving a little late. Why? Because I didn’t realise I had forgotten to put together a gallery of my favourite street photography shots from 2018. All of the shots in this gallery were from my time wandering both the CBD and inner suburbs of Melbourne – my home town. There is always something happening in Melbourne. From festivals to markets. And in between it is just a very vibrant and interesting city. We enjoy freedoms that many countries would not believe. We are culturally rich and diverse and I believe that this is the backbone of what makes Melbourne such an amazing city. Enjoy the gallery and happy shooting.

All images were shot with Fujifilm X70, Fujifilm X-T2 or Fujifilm X-T3.

2 Responses to Melbourne 2018 – My Year of Street Photography

    • gregcromie

      I generally use a variant of Classic Chrome. I always shoot in RAW. Then in Lightroom add Classic Chrome and make it a little more punchy with increased contrast.

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