As many regular readers will know, I love my home city of Melbourne. I promote it’s greatness as often as I can on Facebook and of course here with you. I don’t get into the city itself as much as I once used to. But when I do go into town, it is usually to catch up with a photography friend or group of friends and spend some time doing what we love best. Street photography! I am a member of a fantastic photography group called Fuji X Aus. We are the premium Fujifilm photography group in Australia. I am fortunate enough to be one of the administrators of the group and take a lot of pride in the values the group follows. So catching up with these guys is always great.


Last Saturday we had the opportunity for a group meet up in town. I organised the meet as we had one of our members who currently resided in Morocco come to town for a short time. I put out the call, and as a result 12 of us met up on a beautiful Saturday morning. The weather was perfectly well behaved. Not too hot and the perfect amount of fluffy clouds. Whenever we get together like this, there is usually a core group of regulars. They are my clan. Like minded people that love getting out and taking photos. But it is also always nice to have new members come along, and so new friendships are formed.


I lead the group on a walk around town and sticking mostly to the Federation Square, Yarra River area. It was such a beautiful day that I welcomed the trail along the river. We also cut across town to hit up the Degraves Street precinct and then on to Hosier Lane. They are staples in our city photo walks as they always have such amazing character and lighting. We took our time in our walk as it was also great to talk with different people along the way. After around two hours we had completed our circuit and had arrived back at Federation Square for a feed and refreshments. We lingered there too. Enjoying the company of friends.



I did a more comprehensive write-up about our Fuji X Aus photo walk over on their website. It details the walking tour we completed – so if you are in Melbourne and looking for a great walking trail for street photography – you are welcome. Check that out right here! There is a bunch of other photography related content on that blog site, so please be sure to check it out. Happy shooting!