I realised that I have not taken much in the way of photos in the past 4-5 weeks. Primarily because my youngest is on school holidays and I have been occupied with doing things with him during the day and then just chilling with all the kids in the evening. The other night I felt the urge to get out and capture some fresh content and flex my street photography muslces.

Rather than take a whole kit with me I opted instead to walk out the door with just my Fujifilm X70 camera. This is an ideal little street photography camera and I have written about it and raved about it many times on this blog site of mine. Aside from my keys, phone and wallet I tucked a spare battery into my pocket and headed out with about an hour or so of sunlight left. We have been having amazing sunny days that have been very hot – high 30’s and low 40’s. That is degrees Celcius for those playing with a different system at home.

I live smack in the middle of South Yarra and I do not have to walk far to come accross interesting scenery or scenarios. And the lighting was perfect with long shafts of light and shadow being thrown by the slowly setting sun. I was able to see how the light fell in an area and then position myself to capture the scene or wait for an interesting subject matter to enter the scene. It is a little like fishing. Not that I know much about fishing. But the concept is the same. Find the ideal spot. Get comfortable and capture the moment.

It was still very hot and as a result, the streets were not overly busy with traffic but there was still a flow of pedestrians out and about. I wandered along Chapel Street between Toorak Road and Malvern Road and in and out of side streets. I was working with the light and the interesting shadows created by the surrounding architecture. I was only out for an hour or so but am really happy with the outcome of my efforts. Now that school is back, I will maximize my time in creating more content for my own blog site as well as for the others that I contribute to. Happy shooting.