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Melbourne 2017 – My Year of Street Photography

I thought I would do a review of my street photography for the whole of 2017. Just the stuff I shot here in Melbourne. I was thinking about doing this in some form or another and then there was an incident only yesterday in the city where someone drove a 4WD into a bunch of pedestrians at high speed.  Lots of people were injured and lots more witnessed this ugly incident. Sadly we are all too familiar with this kind of thing now but it is still shocking just the same. It made me sad for the city I love and the people who were impacted.  So I decided to make this a personal project to focus on all the beauty that exists around us every single day.

I scrolled through my whole catalogue of photos taken here in Melbourne. And there are thousands and thousands of them. But it was well worth the effort as I able was to take a look throughout the whole year and remember what took place, events, locations I visited, parts of Melbourne that are my go-to street photography hangouts and just be reassured that I live in an incredible place.  So let’s take a look.

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