Hi readers.  If you have been following my blog you will no doubt know that I love my photography and of course my beloved Fujifilm camera gear.  Recently I started thinking about how I can take my love of photography in a different direction.  I started watching a log of vlogs on YouTube made by photographers.  They ranged from people talking about their street photography, people reviewing new camera gear and people that just like to document their daily adventures in the big wide world.  And of course I have seen lots of vlogs about travel – especially to Japan.

With my next trip to Tokyo scheduled for August of this year, I thought I had better brush up on shooting video and also on editing video.  But first, what do I shoot it with?  We purchased our last family video camera around 10 years ago, at least. So that is probably not the best way to start. Of course my Fujifilm X-T1 and X-T2 both shot HD video – the X-T2 actually shoots in 4K video.  But they are a little bulky as a vlogging camera given that when travelling or walking the streets, I will be holding the camera out at arms length to capture my ugly mug.


So I recently took the plunge and purchased a small camera for the purpose of vlogging and also just to have as my every day camera in my bag.  My camera of choice?  The Fujifilm X70.  This little quiet achiever comes in a small package but has a staggering capacity for exceptional photography.  The X70 has the same sensor and processor as the Fujifilm X-T1.  So it is a 16mp camera that also allows for the beautiful Fujifilm film simulations in either photography or video.  It has a touch screen that can flip out to almost 180 degrees – perfect for vlogging where you need to ensure you are in frame.  Add to this that it shoot 1080p HD video at 60 frames per second.  The lens is a fixed focal length 18.5mm F2.8.  The shutter speed, exposure compensation and aperture are all controlled from the dials on the camera body.

For superb audio quality, I attached to the Fujifilm X70 hot shoe, an external microphone.  The Fujifilm MIC-ST1 is perfect for this and fits snuggly to the hot shoe thanks to a tightening lug on the microphone support.  This microphone does not require a battery and it uses the same 2.5mm jack to connect to the 2.5mm Audio In port on the X70. To top it all off, I used my Manfrotto Pixi Evo portable tripod.  This neat little unit is steady and secure and when the legs are closed it makes a perfect carry handle for vlogging on the move.

So shooting video with this little but brilliant camera has been a dream.  And what’s best is that I can be filming a street scene and then quickly capture an image.  So I took the streets of my beloved Melbourne and of course I was not let down. To edit the video I used Apple iMovie which came standard on my Mac. It is a really simple and easy to use application that has made the editing process quick and stress free.

So please enjoy my first effort at capturing a street style video and the finished edited product.  Keep in mind that this is not a vlog as I have added no commentary to it or video of myself.  This is just an experiment to see what I can achieve and then I can proceed from there.  Keep shooting.