My return to Tokyo was such a happy and fun and simply amazing experience.  When I travelled to Tokyo in 2015 I mostly focused on Shibuya as at the time it was my first experience in Japan and I thought Shibuya was such an incredible and vibrant place. And it is. But I didn’t venture outside of Shibuya all that much.  This time I was based in Shinjuku – well West Shinjuku to be precise – and it is such a massive district within Tokyo. My capacity to capture street photography was almost inundated with opportunities within amazing settings. In this volume of work you will find images from my first full day back in Tokyo in August 2017. It was hot, humid and the sound of cicadas was crazy. Hope you enjoy the images. PS. Am trying a new gallery layout in WordPress so please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any feedback about this layout.