I have been quite busy in the last few weeks and as a result have not had a chance to write much here on my site for you, my community. I have had a few actual paid jobs on the go including some photography jobs which have been great. One a portrait shoot for young sisters – friends from my son’s primary school. And the other a graduation shoot for a friend of a friend whose daughter was graduating her doctorate. I have not had a lot of time to get out and do some photography for fun.

Aside from that I have had house guests. One of our best family friends who currently resides in Bali. Along with her daughter they are staying with us for a coule of weeks. Having extra people in the hosue is nice and my friends daughter went to school with my daughter so they are great friends. So it will be nice to have a gull house on Christmas morning.

My youngest has finished school for the year. He will be going into Grade 2 next year. Cannot believe that my baby has already completed two years of primary school. He has had a great year at school and has developed so many new skills. Equally he has created many strong friendships and as a result the next 5 weeks of schol holidays will have many play dates and catch ups in the park.

My youngest and I caught up with my mate The ORP (his real name is Athol) today for a play with his two girls. The kids get along really well now as they have hung out together a few times. The kids got to have a swim and also played with their brand new puppy. They only picked her up yesterday and she is so tiny and very cute. Athol and I got to chat about just dad stuff and of course, sparred over who has the better camera. Of course, we all know I have the better camera….but I feel bad for him. So I admire his bigger sensor. We will no doubt catch up over the holidays again as the kids have 4-5 weeks off.

So that has been me for the past couple of weeks. And tomorrow is Christmas Day! All of a sudden it is here. I sorted the bulk of my shopping weeks ago. I feel for those that are out in the crowds today shopping – it is 35º Celcius today. We are just having a quiet family dinner tonight and then tomorrow my parents, sister and mother-in-law are coming here for lunch. Not a big family but we make do with a great feed. We are going a cold lunch this time. Cold meats and salads and great cheeses. And a mixed berry fruit sald for sweets. Simple and no one has to stand in the kitchen cooking.

As for you good people, I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of my community throughout 2018. It has been another year full of challenges and achievements and a big part of my own development and journey is recording this blog on a regular basis. Thank you for reading, for viewing, for liking or just dropping by now and then. I wish you and everyone important to you an amazing Christmas or Holiday Season no matter how you celebrate it. And also a safe end to 2018. My little blog here will continue in 2019 and I look forward to sharing that with you all. Happy Shooting. Happy Reading. Happy Holidays.